Travian World Analyzer (TWA) is an analytical site for Travian game.

Using it you can easily find inactive neighbours for farming, view population growth of your enemies, track all the events in the world. For example: village conquering, players changing alliance and the foundation of new villages. In the "day overview" page, you can see which villages and players have the highest population growth, which villages are under attack and the greatest losers. Just try it and you will understand the power of information :)


2014-09-15 Added new servers


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For translation you should translate file lang.txt. Just add new section with [YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE]. After this you should translate about.txt file. Add new <tmpl_if name="YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE"> ... </tmpl_if> section. Both these files should be in UTF-8 Encoding. If you're using Notepad you can select Encoding at the bottom of "Save As" dialog window. And finally send it to me.


Arabia arabia1 arabia2 arabia3 arabia4 arabia5
Australia au1 au2 au3 au4 au5 au6 aux
Bosnia ba1 ba2 ba3 ba4 ba5 ba6 bax
Brazil br1 br2 br3 br4 br5 br6 br7 br8 brx brx2
Bulgaria bg1 bg2 bg3 bg4 bg5 bg6 bgx
Chile cl1 cl2 cl3 cl4 cl5 cl6 cl7 cl8 cl9 clx clx2
Croatia hr1 hr2 hr3 hr4 hr5 hrx
Czech cz1 cz2 cz3 cz4 cz5 cz6 cz7 cz8 czx czx2
Denmark dk1 dk2 dk3 dk4 dk5 dkx
Egypt eg1 eg2 eg3 eg4 eg5 eg6 eg7 egx
Estonia ee1 ee2 ee3 ee4 eex
Finland fi1 fi2 fi3 fi4 fi5 fi6 fi7 fix
France fr1 fr2 fr3 fr4 fr5 fr6 fr7 fr8 fr9 fr10 fr11 fr12 frx frx2
Germany de1 de2 de3 de4 de5 de6 de7 de8 de9 de10 de11 dex dex2 org
Greece gr1 gr2 gr3 gr4 gr5 gr6 grx
Hong Kong hk1 hk2 hk3 hk4 hk5 hkx
Hungary hu1 hu2 hu3 hu4 hu5 hu6 hu7 hux hux2
India in1 in2 in3 in4 in5 in6 inx
Indonesia id1 id2 id3 id4 id5 id6 id7 id8 id9 idx
International com1 com2 com3 com4 com5 com6 com7 com8 com9 com01 com10 comf coms comx comx2 comy2
Iran ir1 ir2 ir3 ir4 ir5 ir6 ir7 ir8 ir9 ir10 ir11 irx irx2
Israel il1 il2 il3 il4 il5 il6 ilx
Italy it1 it2 it3 it4 it5 it6 it7 it8 it9 it00 it10 itx itx2
Japan jp1 jp2 jp3 jp4 jp5 jp6 jp7 jpx
Latvia lv1 lv2 lv3 lv4 lv5 lvx
Lithuania lt1 lt2 lt3 lt4 lt5 lt6 lt7 lt8 ltx
Malaysia my1 my2 my3 my4 my5 my6 my7 myx
Mexico mx1 mx2 mx3 mx4 mx5
Morocco ma1 ma2 ma3 ma4 ma5 max
Netherland nl1 nl2 nl3 nl4 nl5 nl6 nl7 nl8 nlx
Norway no1 no2 no3 no4 no5 no6 nox
Pakistan pk1 pk2 pk3 pk4 pk5 pkx
Philippines ph1 ph2 ph3 ph4 phx
Poland pl1 pl2 pl3 pl4 pl5 pl6 pl7 pl8 plx plx2
Portugal pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7 pt8 pt9 pt10 ptx ptx2
Romania ro1 ro2 ro3 ro4 ro5 ro6 ro7 rox
Russia ru1 ru2 ru3 ru4 ru5 ru6 ru7 ru8 ru9 ru10 rux rux2
Saudi Arabia sa1 sa2 sa3 sa4 sa5 sa6 sa7 sa8 sa9 sa10 sa11 sa12 sax sax2
Serbia rs1 rs2 rs3 rs4 rs5 rs6 rsx
Slovakia sk1 sk2 sk3 sk4 sk5 sk6 sk7 sk8 skx
Slovenia si1 si2 si3 si4 si5 si6 si7 six
South Africa za1 za2 za3 za4 za5 za6 zax
Spain net1 net2 net3 net4 net5 net6 net7 net8 net9 net10 neta netx netx2
Sweden se1 se2 se3 se4 se5 se6 se7 sez
Syria sy1 sy2 sy3 sy4 sy5 sy6 syx
Taiwan tw1 tw2 tw3 tw4 tw5 tw6 tw7 twx
Thailand th1 th2 th3 th4 th5 th6 th7 th8 thx
Turkey tr1 tr2 tr3 tr4 tr5 tr6 tr7 tr8 tr9 tr10 tr11 tr12 trx trx2
Ukraine ua1 ua2 ua3 ua4 ua5 ua6 ua7 uax
United Arab Emirates ae1 ae2 ae3 ae4 ae5 ae6 ae7 ae8 ae9 aex aex2
United Kingdom uk1 uk2 uk3 uk4 uk5 uk6 uk7 ukx
United States us1 us2 us3 us4 us5 us6 us7 us8 usx
Vietnam vn1 vn2 vn3 vn4 vn5 vn6 vn7 vnx


First of all you should select your server. Then you'll see some interesting statistics for the last server day like worst/best players/villages, etc.

For player, alliance and village search use search box in the top right corner.

If you are interested in your neighbour, then enter in search box

x, y, r

where (x|y) - is your village coordinates and r - is the radius for the search. For example, you are interested in information around village iPwn (-93|-15) with Radius = 5, then you should enter -39, -15, 5. Full syntax is:

x, y, r_max, r_min

Next you can see a table with all the information. Population column in this table has two fields: 1 - current population, 2 - population difference from previous day (red - depopulate, green - populate, gray - without change). Default sort order is by population difference - this will help you to find inactive players to farm, but you can re-sort by clicking on tables headers.

Database usually updates at 2:00 AM (NY) / 7:00 AM (London) / 10:00 AM (Moscow).


Inspired by Liga.
Shish for TravMap.


If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions - contact me

Travian is a browser-based online game


Travian is a browser-based game, made in PHP, and is therefore played directly through the internet with web browser. While Travian is a strategy game, with events occurring and resources accumulated in real time, it should not be confused with other types of real time strategy games where actions occur in a highly interactive and fast paced manner. The player starts with a village but seeks to amass an empire. No downloads, installations or plugins are required, although a graphicpack may be downloaded to ease server stress. After registration, players may start playing Travian immediately, free of charge. Travian provides enhanced access, for example through mobile phones, for a fee. Also, a "Plus" feature which provides additional tools is available for purchase with prices starting at $2.99 per month.


A player starts with one village, populated by either Teutons, Gauls, or Romans. Each race has different troops, advantages and disadvantages, and different strategies. The Romans are described as the best race for beginners because of their easy playability. However, Roman armies are more expensive to train and maintain. Teutons are better at offense and can build armies early on while Gauls are often considered the best at defense and enjoy the fastest troops.


There are four different types of resources in Travian: wood, clay, iron and crops, all of which are required in various quantities to build and expand. The resources are produced by fields in one's village, producing resources at a preset rate, which may be upgraded. Though unusual for an online browser-based game, field tiles continuously generate resources. For example, if 30 units of a resource are to be produced per hour, one unit is generated every 2 minutes, rather than 30 units on the hour.